Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To be a successful freelancer

4- Know your strengths and weaknesses. You aren't helping your client and you're not helping your reputation if you deliver a project that's not up to snuff. It's great to stretch and grow, but not at the expense of not pleasing your client. 

5- Enjoy what you are doing. Let's face it, getting a freelance career off the ground is going to take a lot of work. And when you are successful, you will be working late and on weekends. So you better like what you are doing or you won't be giving your full effort to succeeding as a freelancer. 

6- Ask yourself the following questions:
Are you comfortable working alone?
Are you disciplined enough to deliver your project on time all the time?
Do you have a financial cushion to carry you over during lean times?
IF you said NO to any of the questions above, you should seriously consider putting off a freelance career ( or I like to say a freelance "life style" )

I'll be posting more thoughts about how to be a successful freelancer and some business tips later on.

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