Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A tale of two clients.

I love designing logos.

I can also tell if someone is serious about creating a new business when they talk with me about their logo.

Take Prospective Client 1:
Prospective Client 1 wants a logo design that he will be printing on a full line of cloths. He also tells me that I'm charging a little more for designing a logo than another "guy".

I said "You will be spending a lot MORE money plastering your logo on tons of merchandise. You NEED a great logo. It's like building a house. You need a good architects plan. Otherwise it doesn't matter how much you spend on building supplies, your house is going to fall down around you. You need a strong logo that shows people that you are serious, that you are professional, that they can count on you."

Prospective Client 1 said "Your right... you got the job". Prospective Client 1 is a smart guy. He was serious about giving his company his best shot so he invested wisely in a professionally designed logo. Today I delivered 7 logos. He liked so many, he requested to buy several.

Now, about Prospective Client 2:

I just got off the phone with him. He too needed a logo. "Something simple and classy." He directed me to the Oppenheimer site where they have an elegant logo with a capital letter O.

We talk budget and he says my price is not in his budget. "Well what would you like to bring your logo in at?" I asked. He replied "Well since I'm looking for a font and a capital letter, I think less than $50."

I doubt that this man is serious about creating an image and building a business. He loved the Oppenheimer logo and he could have had something of that quality, for a reasonable cost, to build his business around.

Bottom line, spend time talking with your prospective clients... give them the benefit of your experience.

And one more thing... when Prospective Client 1 (who turned into a client ) asked to buy several more of the logos from the batch I sent him, I told him "Save your money, from a marketing standpoint you are better off with just one logo". I saved him money and I lost money by giving him that advice. But I believe that by playing fair and square (and of course delivering top quality designs) I will have a lot more repeat business.

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