Monday, May 18, 2009

Holding your client's hand

We've all run across this kind of client... they need a lot of hand holding. You know what I mean. You have to explain why you used the color maroon instead of teal or why you set your text at 9.5 and not 10 point.

Sometimes there's no "real" answer... you just did it because you felt it just looked good.

So, you finish your clients project, and now you are spending 2 hours going over every little detail.

Is all this hand holding worth it? Did you charge enough to include 2 hours of back and forth over tiny details that don't have anything to do with the impact of the design?

I'm sure that there are folks that would disagree with me on this one, but I say "It's worth it".

Here's is an opportunity to have a great relationship with your new client. Answer all the questions, give your client all the time they need to feel comfortable about working with you and your working style.

After a few projects your client will develop a trust in you and your designs and that means less time going over "details". Or you can figure out a way BEFORE you do the assignment on how to cut down on the "debriefing" segment of the project. Every client has a different way to work with you.

Bottom line: to be a successful freelancer figure it's important to establish a firm working relationship and trust with your client. Your job is twofold... help them sell their product or service and secondly, make them feel comfortable working with you. In the long run you will get more work and that will make you a successful freelancer.

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