Friday, January 8, 2010

The credibility issue

How many times have YOU as a consumer been to a web site or received some direct mail and thought to yourself.. "they have to be kidding! I'm not spending my money with these folks... they look like they are a "fly by night" outfit."

You are experiencing the the CREDIBILITY factor.

Every day, many prospective clients look for the cheapest designer they can find to "help them".

But what are they really accomplishing?

I'll tell you:
They are ruining their image just when they need to be coming across as more professional.
They are losing business because prospective customers DON'T TRUST the company to deliver as promised.

Bottom line: Sure it takes a little more time to help your client with their copy to make it sell. And it takes a little more time to give them a few designs to choose from. But if they are SMART and they understand that they only have one chance to make the sale, you have a good shot at getting their business. Explain that good design backed by marketing thinking adds CREDIBILITY and that adds to more sales. You can charge a little more (and become more successful) if your client succeeds. When they succeed and make more money you will get more business. Win-Win!

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