Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What your client wants and what they really need.

Your client tells you that they want a web site, a sell sheet, a logo design, a direct mail piece.

Yes they want that but what is it that they really want?

They want to increase sales.

When you get an assignment, put yourself in the shoes of the person who will be your target audience. If you are "sold" you are on the right track. But to be sold, you have to talk to your prospective customer/client on a personal level.

Many clients talk about their company in their communications. I feel that is WRONG. They should be talking about how their company can help their customers. Here's an example:

"XYZ makes the best hiking boots in the world. Our boots are warm in cold climates and are water proof... and they are on sale now."

In my opinion that statement doesn't sell. This is how I would handle that info:

"XYZ hiking boots will keep your feet warm in the coldest climates and nice and dry when the going gets wet. This makes XYZ the best hiking boots in the world and you can buy them on sale now!"

Notice how the copy is personalized to talk to "you".

Bottom line... what your clients really need is someone to help them increase sales. How you do that (web or print) is the medium. But it's your personal message to each and every prospective customer/client that has to be communicated. Get rid of phrases like "our customers" and replace it with a more personalized "you".

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