Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let me rant for a moment

I just was checking out, on-line, the resume of a fellow designer... yep, I'm checking out my competition.

Well, he's someone I don't have to worry about because he made 2 big mistakes!

The reason I'm discussing this is that if you want to be a successful freelance graphic designer like myself, you don't want to make the same mistakes this guy made.

Now to be fair, the guy is good... but I wouldn't hire him because I would leave his site in 1 minute after trying to read his resume.

What were his mistakes?
His first mistake is he posted his resume with white type on a black background. It's dramatic looking BUT HARD TO READ! It's a fact that light color lettering on a black background REDUCES readability. Sure I use white text against a dark background but NEVER for large blocks of copy.. it's to hard to read.

I wanted to read his resume, and I gave up real fast... what about prospective clients?

His second mistake was to post it as a jpg image and not editable html text. What this means is the search engines can't read his resume (less people will find him) and as a jpg image, his text was not as crisp and clear as it could have been as html type.

Bottom line: As a freelancer, you want your own work and your clients work to be noticed and read. Know who your audience is and make it easy for them to get your idea fast.

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