Wednesday, April 1, 2009

People need PROFESSIONAL graphic designers NOW more than ever!

A while ago it looked like things were slowing down. But it looks like some smart people are taking advantage of the current economic situation and are getting aggressive in their marketing and that's where the successful freelancer can shine.

People aren't just interested in "pretty pictures". They want to sell their product or service.

Money being spent is tight. The way for business to grow is to grab market share from their competitors... and I tell my prospective clients... "I can help you".

They don't want an order taker... they want someone to help put together the most effective ad, web site or logo possible to increase their business.

You have to look at what their competitors are doing, listen to your client, asks questions and put yourself in the consumer's shoes... what would convince YOU to buy that product or service? Better service, buy one get one free? You have to look at all the angles.... then do some kick butt designs.

Bottom line: To be a successful freelancer you have to offer more than just pretty pictures... pretty pictures don't sell. Smart thinking does.

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