Friday, August 7, 2009

You are your clients partner

All successful freelancers know that their clients are really their partners. There's no them and me, it's us.

What's good for your clients is good for you. Help them grow and you will grow with them. This means more projects, more profits.

I just finished a project for a brand new client... and guess what... more business will be following because I've helped my client in such a way that he feels that I'm already one of his trusted "inner circle". Of course it starts with doing a great job... if you don't deliver the "goods" then you will never get another project.

But what I did was save his butt (that's my job)... I created several pieces in record time and didn't charge rush. Some of you might be thinking... that's crazy... you stayed up until 12:30 in the morning and didn't charge extra?

Well folks, that's what being a freelancer is all about... working when other "salaried" people won't or can't work. My client was thrilled by how great his project came out and the fact that he didn't get raked over the coals when he was in a position where the assignment and timing were very critical.

Bottom line... don't go for a one project "killing"... go for the long haul. Become your clients partner and you too can be a successful freelancer.