Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A smart client

Just got off the phone with a new client. A smart client.

He was looking for a logo. I gave him a quote. He said "that's $250 more than I wanted to spend... but I need a really great logo and I will be spending a lot more on my web site and who knows how much more on my brochure and advertising... ok, let's do it."

What makes this client smart is 3 things...

1- He knows the importance of a good logo for consumer credibility.
2- He knows that he will be spending good money after bad if he goes "cheap" with a bad logo and then spends lots of money later on publishing it all over the place.
3- He budgeted for promoting his company.

I was so happy that I didn't have to spend a lot of time educating this fellow about the importance of starting off with a professional logo and how in the long run he could LOSE business with a poor logo.

Bottom line... as a successful freelancer you will be spending a considerable amount of time educating your clients, but if you show a personal interest and deliver, you will have a client for life!