Monday, October 12, 2009

I'll get back to you....

We've heard it before...

"I'll get back to you on that project... your quote sounds reasonable"

"I'll send you the files, then you can give me a quote"

"We're looking at 2 other designers... I'll let you know either way"

Then nothing. Nada.

Do you call them back or do you just wait and wait and then decided... oh well, I don't have that assignment.

There are some artists that make it a point to get the person's name, company, e-mail and phone number BEFORE they listen to the project and then give a quote.

Personally, I feel that if I give the person who is calling for a quote all the info they need to know so that they can come to an informed decision about who to hire, they will call me back and give me the project.

I make it a point to instill confidence that when I take their project ( and I don't take a project unless I feel I can hit a home run for them) that it will be done at the highest level professionalism... that it will SELL.

I also feel that "tracking down" someone who isn't motivated to use my services to help them, isn't someone that I want to do business with. If they were price shopping for the cheapest designer, then they are not really serious about succeeding.

I want to work with people that understand that to make it in this tough economy they need someone like me who can really help them... that I offer more than just a "pretty picture"... that there's marketing thinking behind the designs. That spending a little more they get a lot more.

Bottom line: Don't spend time tracking down people who are poor prospects.