Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your logo as a profit center

I just got off with a smart prospective client. Why is he smart?

Well, he knows the importance of a kick butt logo and that in the long run it WILL MAKE HIM MONEY.

Companies like Nike, Playboy and Disney and the band KISS make oodles of money licensing their logos out for merchandising. Now, you are thinking... I'm not licensing my logo... this is a waste of my time.

But getting back to that smart prospective client... his business is NOT selling t-shirts, BUT he plans on selling t-shirts and other items with his logo on it as an extension of his core business. If his logo is crappy, how many people are going to want to buy a t-shirt? He would be losing money with a poor logo that was wasn't smart, clever and memorable.

Ever been to a Mom and Pop restaurant... sometimes they sell t-shirts with their logo on it.. it's another profit center for them!

Bottom line... a great logo in the long run is less expense than a cheap logo now... and a great logo designed by me can add big bucks to your bottom line. Plus remember: you will be throwing good money after bad if your web site and promotional material all have an ill conceived logo on it. Spend your money where it really counts... give your business credibility. Call me and let's design a kick butt logo that can earn you money!

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